Srimila Srihari

Srimila joined RVS solicitors in January 2021 as a consultant solicitor. She is a qualified solicitor with over 5 years experience, specialising in immigration law.

Throughout her career, Srimila has conducted many complex cases, achieving successful outcomes for her clients.

Srimila has a particular interest in:

  • Family and Private life related applications
  • EEA applications
  • Sponsor Licence applications

Srimila is extremely passionate about helping migrants and refugees. Throughout her career, she has volunteered with different organisations, such as the Citizens Advice Bureau, and carried out many hours of pro-bono work.

Apart from her love for law, Srimila is also heavily involved with her community. She is a trustee for a Hindu Temple Charity. Her skills as an immigration solicitor are a valuable asset here too, where she guides the organisation in respect of Tier 5 sponsor requirements.

What her clients say about her:  

“Srimila is an amazing individual who is clearly dedicated to her work, clients and the Law. Thank you so much for all your amazing work!” 

“Srimila is lovely to work with, she understands the situation and explains everything in detail. The process of getting my husband to the UK felt very easy under her guidance”

Srimila is extremely knowledgeable and passionate when it comes to refusals. 

“She is very compassionate and caring and this is extremely important when it comes to humanitarian cases” 



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