Seema Kansal

Seema is a seasoned public and private law practitioner having spent her pupillage in a common law set gaining a good breadth of experience. Her current practice has a particular focus on all aspects of public family law and private family/finance, immigration, judicial review, and public and administrative law.In the context of public family law, Seema regularly appears on behalf of Local Authorities as well as parents and intervenors. She has worked on many high profile cases involving serious sexual assault, serious non-accidental injury, radicalisation, and other culturally- related issues. She is instructed frequently in child abduction, wardship, forced marriages, mental health and re-location matters and applications in the High Court and appeals.

In terms of private family law, Seema’s practice is largely focussed on financial matters arising from divorce and separation. She is experienced in complex finance, third party claims against matrimonial property, nuptial agreements, cases with an international element and enforcement proceedings. Seema also advises on property disputes between cohabitees and financial provision for children of unmarried parents.

Seema has a solid reputation as a tenacious advocate who leaves no stone unturned in working towards achieving the best result for each and every client. She regularly appears at all levels of judiciary. She is very good with difficult and demanding clients. She enjoys difficult cases and always fights hard for her clients.

She is known for her eye in spotting the telling point of law and regularly provides updating seminars and training as part of her commitment to her specialist areas of expertise. Her commitment to public law issues embraces the areas of social housing, community care, wardship and care proceedings and human rights. Due to her strong multi-disciplinary practice she is able to provide a complete advice to her clients. Once instructed she is often retained by her clients who are always impressed by not just her commitment but also her success.

She takes on immigration related work on a direct access basis frequently.

Memberships: FLBA.

Reported Cases:

  1. IA332842014 & Ors. [2015] UKAITUR IA332842014 (14 September 2015)
  2. LN (A Child) (Without Notice Application for Summary Return) [2016] EWHC 1033 (Fam)
  3. AM v DF [2017] EWHC 2034 (Fam) (01 August 2017); ([2017] 4 WLR 149
  4. C v P & Ors [2017] EWFC 23 (11 April 2017)


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