Rakhi Singal

Rakhi Singal is Founder and Director at RVS Solicitors. Years of experience in Family Law, have placed her ideally for heading our Family Law Department, where she leads a team of equally talented lawyers with a passion for Family Law.

From the very beginning of her career, Rakhi knew her passion lay in Family Law. She trained in a specialist Family Law firm, honing her skills in this area of law. She successfully qualified from her training contract in 2012 and joined another specialist firm in Stratford where she was appointed as the head of the Family and Civil Litigation department with the responsibility of growing the departments within a year of qualifying.

Rakhi quickly became a key asset within the firm and a recognisable name in her chosen area of law. Taking on complex cases requiring comprehensive understanding of the intricacies of Family Law, Rakhi relentlessly pursued her client’s interests, pushing the boundaries and redefining the law.

Becoming well-respected and known within the Family Law community, she was approached with the request to create and head the Family and Litigation department at a leading Legal 500 firm in Central London. After successfully finishing this project and furthering her skills, not only as a specialist family solicitor, but also as a manager, Rakhi came up with the concept which RVS solicitors is based on today.

The core values that have directed her throughout her career are also embedded in RVS Solicitors. As a founder and Director of RVS Solicitors, she is now offering personable services across all areas of Family Law. She has a team of well-respected and highly recommended solicitors and barristers working with her to provide the highest quality client care.

Rakhi is well known for her work with cases involving complex financial arrangements, including asset planning and restructuring. She routinely advises high net worth individuals on matters related to financial planning regarding their marriage, both prior to entering the marriage, as well as during cohabitation and once divorce proceedings have started. She is also recognised for her expertise in sensitive child arrangement issues, involving overseas jurisdictions, child abduction etc.

Her skills in negotiation and her ‘never panic’ personality are the elements which set her apart from others in her field.  Her determination to succeed for her clients, as well as her willingness to take on the impossible, has made her into an innovator within the area of law, where she constantly pushes the boundaries. Within the legal profession, Rakhi is recognised by her peers as:

“…constructive and committed to resolving matters in the best interests of her clients.”

Her most recent reported cases include:

EE and ME (Children) (Habitual Residence) [2016] EWHC 3363 (Fam)

Inhenagwa v Onyeneho [2017] EWHC 1971(CH)

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