Paula Oligbo

Paula Oligbo is head of the Litigation department and solicitor at RVS Solicitors with over 25 years of experience. She has a wealth of experience in Housing, Debt and Welfare Rights Law and General Civil Litigation.Paula completed her training contract in 2013. Prior to qualifying as a solicitor Paula became an highly recognised case worker, providing her services to the advice sector representing clients both in and out of court. She then became a key asset to three main high street firms as the head of the Housing, Debt and Welfare Rights Departments over a number of years.

Since qualifying as a Solicitor, Paula has specialised in all housing matters where she has dealt with defending possession in respect of rent arrears for tenants as well as gaining possession for landlords. She has also successfully represented home owner in mortgage repossession cases and dealt with complex disrepair cases acting for either landlords or tenants.

Paula also prides herself in her expertise of litigation matters which has seen her successfully defending complex cases involving bankruptcy and personal insolvency. Paula then used her wealth of knowledge in the consumer sector where she was responsible for advising on landlord and tenant matters, contract law, neighbours disputes, parking and motoring law.

In Paula’s last appointment she was given the responsibility and authority to set up the firms’ first legal aid Housing contract which she successfully formed and quickly established the department as an integral service supporting the growth of the firm.


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