Dr Lusine Navasardyan

Dr Lusine joined RVS Solicitors in January 2018 and currently is a Director and Head of Corporate and Business Immigration departments. Dr Navasardyan has brought to RVS her wealth of experience in advising high-net worth individuals and businesses seeking to relocate to the UK.

Services for businesses and business relocation

Lusine has been a member of Bucharest Bar since 2005. Since then, practicing as a lawyer specialising in business and commercial law, she has gained extensive knowledge and an in-depth understanding of the challenges businesses face from their inception and throughout their existence. She has advised and guided many start-ups, her advice proving to be an invaluable asset in each of their success stories.

Moving to the UK from her home jurisdiction, Lusine worked for over 3 years with a leading specialist immigration City of London Firm, where she combined her corporate law background with her knowledge and skills in immigration law, to offer her clients composite services in business immigration. Having a strong litigation background, Lusine was also sought out by clients seeking to challenge Home Office decisions by way of appeals and Judicial Reviews.

At RVS Lusine advises overseas clients in respect of relocating their businesses to the UK, via the Tier 1 (Investor), Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) or Sole Representative of an Overseas Business visa categories. Her knowledge and expertise are indispensable in the strategic planning required for the businesses to succeed in a new environment. She also routinely advises UK based start-ups and businesses on employment matters, Sponsorship licence and Tier 2. Lusine’s role is instrumental for businesses looking to widen their talent search pool, attract skills and funds from overseas. She advises in respect of all business immigration issues for both employers and employees including Sponsor Licence applications, the sponsor’s duties and obligations and general employment compliance issues for businesses.

Her expertise further includes:

  • advising on business medium and company structure,
  • terms of business and contract review,
  • employment advice and compliance.

Litigation and Judicial Reviews

Her experience and expertise in litigation continue to make Lusine a highly sought after professional in litigation matters in Immigration Tribunals for Judicial Reviews and appeals.

Lusine is fluent in Romanian, Russian and Armenian and has substantial knowledge of these countries’ business and legal environments. She has advised high net worth individuals from China, Russia and other CIS Countries, Israel and other Middle East countries.

Lusine regularly speaks at seminars and training sessions aimed at the general public, employers and immigration specialists.

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