Jay Marshall

Jay is a highly motivated, zealous, and ambitious young lawyer with a strong sense of responsibility for his clients. He is always ready to learn more to become the best advocate he can be for his clients.Jay is a graduate of the University of West London with a Law LLB (Hons), and of Birkbeck College, University of London with an LLM in Constitutional Politics, Law and Theory. During his LLM he wrote a dissertation named “Lords of Houses – A critique of the peerage structure in the House of Lords”.

As such, he retains a keen interest in International law, Public Law, Human Rights, and Administrative Law. Jay has a great capacity for dealing with complex legal cases and has a wide range of experience ranging across immigration law, civil litigation, will writing and lasting power of attorney.

Jay is renowned for having outstanding client care skills by taking a friendly as well as a professional approach to clients, as well as being capable of managing a heavy workload with consistently providing positive results.


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