Eylem Kara

Eylem joined RVS Solicitors in 2019, as paralegal in our Immigration Department.  Prior to joining the team, Eylem gained valuable experience and knowledge practising in several well-established specialist law-firms. Early on in her career she realised that her passion for Immigration Law is above other areas and she has since honed her skills mostly in this area of law, while also undertaking some work in Family and Litigation areas.

Eylem has years of experience in successfully handling various applications, such as:

  • Spouse and unmarried partner visas;
  • Family and private life-based applications;
  • Adult dependent applications;
  • Human Rights appeals;
  • Indefinite Leave to Remain applications;
  • Naturalisation and British nationality registration;
  • EEA applications;
  • UK Ancestry visas;

Apart from personal immigration, Eylem also has vast experience in areas of Business Immigration such as:

  • Sponsor Licence Applications;
  • Tier 2 visas
  • Tier 5 visas
  • Sole Representative of Overseas Business visas and many other.

Eylem has always been praised for outstanding client care skills and sharp understanding of intricacies of Immigration law. She regularly updates her knowledge in Immigration Law by attending trainings held by internal and external providers. Her passion and hard work yield excellent results for our clients on daily basis.

She is fluent in Turkish and has an easy way of connecting with people from across all cultures and backgrounds.

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