Ashleigh Paige

Ashleigh joined RVS Solicitors Family Department in 2019, after having successfully completed her LPC. Ashleigh knew from he young age that she wanted to be a lawyer and prior to joining RVS had already gained valuable experience through practising at family departments of various law-firms. While initially Ashleigh joined us a paralegal directly assisting our head of Department Rakhi Singa, after a short period of time, demonstrating her skills and potential as a family lawyer, Ashleigh was offered a training contract with the firm and is currently a Trainee Solicitor within RVS Solicitors.

Ashleigh has vast experience in successfully handling various applications, such as:

  • Divorces, both uncontested and contested;
  • Financial arrangements during divorce proceedings;
  • Child Arrangements, including contact and residency applications, prohibited steps and specific issue orders etc;
  • Non-molestation orders;
  • Pre and post-nuptial agreements

Ashleigh has successfully represented number of clients who in particular appreciated the high standard of client care that she provides, coupled with her passion for always finding the best solution for the client and never shying away from innovative approaches. Ashleigh is dedicated to growing professionally and she regularly updates her knowledge by attending trainings held by internal and external providers. She also regularly provides training within the firm for more junior staff.

Ashleigh is always ready to take up on a new challenge and achieve the best results for her clients.

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