Ani Kapzmalyan

Ani has joined RVS Solicitors in Janury 2021, as our marketing and SMM assistant.  ​

She has creative approach to everything and her love for art shows in her work. She is a brilliant communicator and realises that effective communication is an essential building block for any law firm.

Ani’s role in RVS is to support the team in respect of digital content creation. Her writing skills are indispensable in creating blogs that discuss available legal services, without falling into too much legal details. The short videos she creates also make it easy to the pubic to understand the services we provide and identify the areas they might need help with.

She is passionate about film-making and mass media. Her imagination and love for art are attributes greatly appreciated by her colleagues.

Ani enjoys creative writing and acting in her spare time. She is fluent in Armenian and Russian.

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