Andrea Panayiotou

Andrea has joined RVS solicitors in January 2021. She is a newly qualified solicitor who specialises in family and matrimonial law and previously worked in a well-regarded family practice.

Prior to qualifying, Andrea already had conduct of many niche and complex cases, which enhanced her valuable knowledge as a solicitor today. Andrea’s approach to her cases is strategic, proactive and compassionate to ensure that her client’s needs/interests are consistently fulfilled.

Below is the types of matters Andrea has experience in:


  • Complex financial settlements, often with multi-million assets and trust heavy elements.
  • Pre-nuptial agreement and disputes involving such agreements.
  • Maintenance pending suit application.
  • Assisting during mediation, negotiating and drafting various consent orders.

Children matters 

  • Negotiating and drafting child arrangement orders.
  • Representing clients in respect of various child arrangement issues
  • Prohibited-steps and specific issues orders

Domestic abuse  

  • Matters which involved attending and assisting at an occupation and non- molestation order hearing.

Client’s appreciate Andre’s compassionate approach and sharp mind. Andrea has recently received the following testimonial from her client:

“It takes a unique individual to deal with cases involving high emotions and where there is uncertainty. Andrea’s genuine care for me as her client and her empathy made her meticulous and this came through by helping me get the result I needed.

Andreas professional, calm, friendly approach put me at ease time and time again. She was extremely knowledgeable and endlessly supportive.  

Andrea always replied to questions via emails and calls – no matter how many and always followed everything through to the end – nothing was too much trouble. Her constant, consistent level of care was incredibly reassuring. Her tenacious attitude and attention to detail, I’m sure is why I was successful in my case. I would highly recommend her as your first choice.”

In addition to having conduct of the above type matters, Andrea enjoys volunteering for charities such as Families Need Fathers and a family law charitable helpline. Particularly, Andrea has given various educational presentations to the helpline employees, in order for them to further their knowledge on the family law procedure.

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