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Indefinite Leave to Remain: What are the Exceptions for absences from the UK?

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For those in the UK who are considering settling in this country, the amount of absences that they can have during their stay in the UK, is a constant concern. This has become even more prevalent with the current pandemic and the coronavirus related lockdowns that most countries are implementing. Borders have been closed, travel […]

Coronavirus lockdown: Indefinite Leave to Remain and Extension applications

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Covid-19 and the lockdown imposed on us in a desperate attempt to curb the spread of the deadly virus has made our lives unrecognisable. In a very short period of time, the inconceivable has become the new normal and our entire way of life has been turned upside down. The new reality brings new challenges […]

How to successfully obtain a UK Spouse Visa

by in Immigration, Sponsorship License and Tier 2/Tier5

The amendments made to the Immigration Rules, which were implemented on 9th July 2012, caused significant difficulties for those intending to seek entry clearance or leave to remain in the UK. One of the most controversial changes enforced, related to the requirements of a spouse visa which has made it increasingly difficult for settled spouses […]

Are you British?

by in Immigration

Some have argued that the UK Immigration Rules has created a clear path to settlement under each visa category. For example, a visa granted under the Points Based System provides a five year route to settlement which thereafter allows the migrant to apply for naturalisation as a British citizen once he/she has held Indefinite Leave […]

Is Tier 2 now obsolete? Ways to hire overseas talent in the current environment.

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Recently, information about skilled workers being refused visas, businesses and NHS struggling to get the skills they need, abounds in the media. Businesses, especially the IT and technology sector that rely heavily on the overseas talent, have been beating the alarm for a while now. Things are becoming even more concerning, with evidence piling up […]

How to make a successful Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) Application – Initial Applications

by in Immigration, Tier 1 and other business visas

Throughout my years of practice, I am often asked- how difficult is it to get a Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) visa? I also regularly hear from the clients that they were told the chances of success are fifty-fifty. Often enough this information is relayed to the potential applicants by a legal professional. Without a doubt, the above […]

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