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Coronavirus #COVID-19 Update – Immigration

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LAST UPDATED, 15 June 2020 Currently, there is a lot of uncertainty and concern in respect of the situation created due to the pandemic generated by COVID-19 virus. Our immigration lawyers have been braving a wave of phone calls from existing and new clients alike, seeking advice and information in respect of their immigration status. […]

To The Rescue: Your Guide to The Immigration Super Priority Service

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The sense of certainty is invaluable, especially when it comes where we will live and work.  For those waiting for decisions on UK visa applications, however, the wait can be deeply unnerving, as they are unable to make firm plans regarding their future.  The standard processing times for immigration visa decisions, depending on the type […]

International Students Given Two Years To Find Work

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Boris Johnson’s government has announced that international students could qualify for a new graduate route following completion of studies.  Currently, graduates are only allowed four-months to find work, and if they fail, they must leave the country. This is a dramatic step away from former Prime Minister, Theresa May’s policies, designed to restrict the number […]

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