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Indefinite Leave to Remain: What are the Exceptions for absences from the UK?

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For those in the UK who are considering settling in this country, the amount of absences that they can have during their stay in the UK, is a constant concern. This has become even more prevalent with the current pandemic and the coronavirus related lockdowns that most countries are implementing. Borders have been closed, travel […]

Sponsorship Licence and anxieties that come with it

by in Immigration, Sponsorship License and Tier 2/Tier5

I jumped on call to the client the other day to congratulate them on securing sponsorship licence and go through the general compliance issues with them as a newly minted sponsor. They are a young, ambitious start-up, developing a ground-breaking technology in medical diagnosis area. After thanking me and the team for the work we […]

Is Tier 2 now obsolete? Ways to hire overseas talent in the current environment.

by in Immigration, Sponsorship License and Tier 2/Tier5

Recently, information about skilled workers being refused visas, businesses and NHS struggling to get the skills they need, abounds in the media. Businesses, especially the IT and technology sector that rely heavily on the overseas talent, have been beating the alarm for a while now. Things are becoming even more concerning, with evidence piling up […]

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