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How to maintain an A rating

in Immigration Law & Immigration Rules, Sponsorship License & Tier 2/Tier 5 Visas

Employers must obtain a sponsor licence in order to employ non-EEA nationals in the UK. The process for obtaining a sponsor licence is a lengthy process which requires the employer to satisfy a set of stringent requirements. Employers who are granted a sponsor licence have a great deal of responsibility, not only toward the sponsored […]

How do the Courts determine who the children of the Family should reside with?

in Child Custody & Child Arrangements, Divorce and Separation

Having to deal with residency arrangements during divorce proceedings can be a very difficult time. The Family Court has always encouraged parents to reach an agreement without assistance from the court. However, in circumstances in which parents are unable to agree on where their child should live, the court can be asked to decide on […]

Is Tier 2 now obsolete? Ways to hire overseas talent in the current environment.

in Immigration Law & Immigration Rules, Sponsorship License & Tier 2/Tier 5 Visas

Recently, information about skilled workers being refused visas, businesses and NHS struggling to get the skills they need, abounds in the media. Businesses, especially the IT and technology sector that rely heavily on the overseas talent, have been beating the alarm for a while now. Things are becoming even more concerning, with evidence piling up […]

What rights do Grandparents have in respect of contact with their Grandchildren?

in Child Custody & Child Arrangements, Family Law

The rights of grandparents to enforce contact with their grandchildren are extremely limited. Grandparents do not have an automatic legal right to enforce contact with their grandchildren. What does the law currently say about the rights of grandparents? It is usually always better to try and resolve such a dispute by way of an informal […]

Family and Private life and your right to remain in the UK

in Family Visas & Spouse Visas, Human Rights Applications & Visas, Immigration Law & Immigration Rules

The Home Office has the ability to grant individuals in the UK with Discretionary Leave to Remain. Discretionary Leave to Remain is granted outside of the UK Immigration Rules under compassionate and compelling circumstances as well as in junction with the right to private and family life protected under Article 8 of the European Convention […]

What to do if you feel that your Spouse has hidden their assets?

in Divorce and Separation, Family Law, Financial Proceedings

Divorce or the dissolution of a civil partnership can be an extremely complicated process to endure and at times, can be an even more burdensome and emotionally negative experience if the decision to separate was not amicable. Some spouses can become suspicious of their spouse in relation to the spouse’s possible attempts to hide their […]

Divorce: What will happen to my UK visa?

in Divorce and Separation, Family Visas & Spouse Visas, Immigration Law & Immigration Rules

In this article we will cover the options available to those who are in the UK on a spouse visa and are undergoing divorce proceedings or have already concluded it. We routinely work with our colleagues from Family law department to design the best solutions for our clients who found themselves in a situation where […]