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New changes to Shortage Occupation List. What it means for your hiring goals?

by in Sponsorship License & Tier 2/Tier5 Visas

How do the new changes to the Shortage Occupation List affect your hiring goals? Many businesses have been understandably concerned with their ability to meet their staffing requirements after Brexit, as many sectors are currently highly reliant on workers from EEA. This is particularly the case for those who operate in the research, technology, finance, […]

How to successfully obtain a UK Spouse Visa

by in Immigration Law & Immigration Rules, Sponsorship License & Tier 2/Tier5 Visas

The amendments made to the Immigration Rules, which were implemented on 9th July 2012, caused significant difficulties for those intending to seek entry clearance or leave to remain in the UK. One of the most controversial changes enforced, related to the requirements of a spouse visa which has made it increasingly difficult for settled spouses […]

How to maintain an A rating

by in Immigration Law & Immigration Rules, Sponsorship License & Tier 2/Tier5 Visas

Employers must obtain a sponsor licence in order to employ non-EEA nationals in the UK. The process for obtaining a sponsor licence is a lengthy process which requires the employer to satisfy a set of stringent requirements. Employers who are granted a sponsor licence have a great deal of responsibility, not only toward the sponsored […]

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