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Section 21 notices for Assured Shorthold Tenancies: what every landlord needs to know in 2021

in Commercial Landlords, Evictions, Landlord & Tenants Rights, Residential Landlords

There are many situations in which a Landlord might find themselves in need to gain back the possession of their property. This can be for a variety reasons, ranging from bad tenants causing damage to property, disturbance to neighbours or simply falling behind with rent, or can be a result of circumstances that have nothing […]

Landlords Guide to surviving the changes in 2021 – A Legal Update

in Commercial Landlords, Landlord & Tenants Rights, Residential Landlords

RVS Solicitor’s Paula Oligbo will be holding an online webinar aimed at Landlords. We look to address the Electrical changes coming into effect for all landlords in England from 1 April 2021. We will also cover the changes that have arisen due to the introduction of the Coronavirus Act and how this has affected landlords […]

#Covid-19 NHS staff support announcement

in Family Law, Immigration Law & Immigration Rules, Landlord & Tenants Rights, RVS Solicitors News

As the world grapples to find a way to keep the Covid-19 pandemic under control, many of us experience a sense of feeling helpless due to our perceived inability to contribute to the great effort against this unseen and silent enemy. We all watch with admiration as health workers around the world carry out their […]

RVS Solicitors have partnered with Landlord Expert UK

in Landlord & Tenants Rights, RVS Solicitors News

We are excited to announce that RVS Solicitors has been selected to be one of only 13 London law practices on the panel assembled by a leading Landlord Association. The association, Landlord Experts, has partnered up with specialist firms to allow its members access to expert knowledge across the UK. We are especially honoured to be […]

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