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Citizens Of Nowhere – Defining Nationality & Citizenship

in British Nationality & Citizenship, Immigration Law & Immigration Rules

“It is a curse to love two countries”.  These lines profoundly resonated with me when I first read them.  I am far from alone in splitting my heart between two nations.  Since the first humans walked out of East Africa around 210,000 years ago, as a species, we have continually sought new opportunities in different […]

The Domestic Abuse Bill Is Back On The Government’s Agenda

in Divorce and Separation, Domestic Violence & Domestic Abuse, Family Law, Human Rights Applications & Visas

If you or someone you know is in immediate danger, please call 999. In early October, Labour MP Rosie Duffield gave a harrowing speech in Parliament which left some of her colleagues in tears. Speaking during a debate on the Domestic Abuse Bill, Ms Duffield told of the terrifying verbal abuse, humiliation, and financial control […]