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Could EU Citizens Be The Next Windrush Victims In Decades To Come?

in EEA/Brexit, Immigration Law & Immigration Rules

From Monday, 21 January 2019, millions of EU citizens have the opportunity to apply for Settled Status, thus solidifying their right to remain in the UK after the country leaves the European Union (EU). The government announced that the proposed £65 fee to apply for Settled Status was to be waived. The Guardian reported that […]

Will I be able to remain in the UK after separating from my EEA national spouse?

in Divorce and Separation, EEA/Brexit, Family Visas & Spouse Visas, Immigration Law & Immigration Rules

In this article we will cover the options available to those who are in the UK as a spouse of an EEA national and are undergoing divorce proceedings or have already concluded it. We routinely work with our colleagues from Family law department to design the best solutions for our clients who found themselves in […]

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