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How do the Courts determine who the children of the Family should reside with?

by in Child Arrangements, Divorce and Separation

Having to deal with residency arrangements during divorce proceedings can be a very difficult time. The Family Court has always encouraged parents to reach an agreement without assistance from the court. However, in circumstances in which parents are unable to agree on where their child should live, the court can be asked to decide on […]

What to do if you feel that your Spouse has hidden their assets?

by in Divorce and Separation, Family Law, Financial Proceedings

Divorce or the dissolution of a civil partnership can be an extremely complicated process to endure and at times, can be an even more burdensome and emotionally negative experience if the decision to separate was not amicable. Some spouses can become suspicious of their spouse in relation to the spouse’s possible attempts to hide their […]

Will I be able to remain in the UK after separating from my EEA national spouse?

by in Divorce and Separation, EEA/Brexit, Family visas, Immigration

In this article we will cover the options available to those who are in the UK as a spouse of an EEA national and are undergoing divorce proceedings or have already concluded it. We routinely work with our colleagues from Family law department to design the best solutions for our clients who found themselves in […]

What does the case of Waggott v Waggott [2018] EWCA Civ 727 mean for homemakers in financial proceedings?

by in Divorce and Separation, Financial Proceedings

Divorce can be an extremely challenging process for all parties, both emotionally and in terms of the legal procedure involved. One of the most sensitive and crucial aspects of a divorce, after children and childcare arrangements, is the arrangement of finances. If you have recently began divorce proceedings and are concerned as to the division […]

Am I eligible for the “Fast Track” Financial Remedies Procedure?

by in Divorce and Separation, Family Law, Financial Proceedings

The Family Procedure (Amendment) Rules 2018 are due to be implemented from 4th June 2018, the Rules are an amendment to The Family Procedure Rules 2010 currently enforce which will now be referred to as the standard procedure. The amendments to the current rules are primarily concerning a new ‘Fast Track’ procedure for financial remedy […]

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