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Coronavirus lockdown: co-parenting and child contact

in Child Custody & Child Arrangements, Divorce and Separation, Family Law

With the government implementing stricter rules in respect of social distancing, many who are in co-parenting arrangements are worried that these uncertain times will damage their hard-won rights to have contact with their children. Below, we look at what the rules of lockdown are and how they relate to the rights of both fathers and […]

Coronavirus #COVID-19 Update – Divorce and Family law

in Adoption and Surrogacy, Child Custody & Child Arrangements, Divorce and Separation, Family Law, Financial Proceedings, RVS Solicitors News

COVID-19 outbreak situation is constantly developing and with each day bringing new measures to combat the outbreak and new restrictions to our day to day lives, the levels of uncertainty in public grow. It’s easy to become overwhelmed by worry and concern in such a situation, in particular if you are already traversing a difficult […]

Taking your children to overseas holidays after divorce

in Child Custody & Child Arrangements, Family Law

Finalising a divorce can be an extremely difficult and emotional process to endure. It is a relief once this process is over and both parties can move forward with their lives separately. However, when children are involved in the process, this can be difficult and there are certain rules and regulations that must be followed […]

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