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Fathers rights: Successful child residence application

Our family team is often approached by men seeking guidance on their rights as fathers. When it comes to child arrangements after a break-up, the myth still persists that fathers’ rights to have access to their children are somehow less important than that of the mother. This sort of mentality hurts not only the fathers, but also children, who often end up being stuck in the middle of warring adults.

Our family solicitors specialising in child custody matters have recently successfully dealt with such a case. We represented a client in a complex child contact matter which eventually led to the father being granted residence of his daughter.

Our family solicitors regularly deal with men who have little hope in getting justice when it comes to child arrangement and fathers’ rights matters. We have a team of passionate lawyers that believe in equal rights for both parents and more importantly, that children should have the opportunity to grow up with both their parents present and involved fully in their lives. Having to chose between parents never should be a burden to be shouldered by a child.

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The Background

Our team was approached by a father who had been separated from the mother of his child for over a year. They had a three year old daughter, whom our client loved dearly and was very attached to. At the time when the couple separated, they  . The arrangement made was an informal arrangement between the parents as they, at that time, had an amicable relationship. It was working out well, with father having his daughter every other weekend overnight and two days in the weekdays.

However, after a while, the father started a new relationship. As the new relationship grew, he felt that it was time to introduce his new partner to his daughter. He contacted the child’s mother to ask whether seeking her agreement for their daughter to be introduced to his new partner. The m

Father requested mediation to resolve issues that Mother had, however Mother made allegations that the child did not want to see Father as he had been abusive towards the child during previous contact.

Father felt that Mother had fabricated this to prevent him from having contact as he had a new partner and was resenting him for moving on. This resulted in the Father instructing us as the request to mediate was unsuccessful and the Mother had made false allegations in order to provide some form of justification for her reasoning to stop contact.

We assisted father with applying for a child arrangement order. At the hearing Mother made allegations of apparent historic Domestic abuse towards her which had been apparently witnessed by the child resulting in the child not wanting to see Father any more.

We were able via the fact finding hearing prove that Mother’s allegations were false and were able to show that mother had been trying to alienate the child from Father. Courts ordered that Contact should be shared equally.

Unfortunately, Mother did not comply and continuously breached the order resulting in Father being granted residency as Mother was unable to promote or maintain a relationship between Father and the child.  The child lives with the Father and now has contact with the Mother. It was deemed in the best interest of the child.