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  • Successful pre-action protocol outcome following an illegal refusal of a UK visit visa application

    A decision letter from the Home Office refusing your visa application is surely not something anyone would like to receive or see. However, it is certainly more disturbing when the reasons for refusal are completely illegal and incorrect. This is something that is unfortunately not as uncommon as one might think. Our immigration lawyers team is confident in advising and assisting on not only the visit visa application itself, but also the aftermath just in case the Home Office makes a wrong decision. We understand and appreciate our clients’ concerns and therefore endeavour to provide the best client care service...


  • Successful pre-settled status application under the EU settlement scheme for a victim of domestic violence

    With Covid-19 and the ultimate requirement to stay home, we have been coming across an increased number of domestic violence and abuse incidents. Many of our calls are now from clients who need assistance in solving their Immigration status in the UK, with a view of divorce and separation. People who live in the UK as dependant family members of their partner or spouse, under Appendix EU of the Immigration Rules, can divorce from their abusive partner and remain in the UK. Of course, like every other UK visa and leave to remain application, there are requirements which must be met...


  • Successful application for leave to remain in the UK as a dependent child of a Tier 2 migrant under the Points Based System

    Children often are the most affected ones when it comes to a breakdown of marriage. Their home and living environment change forever when the parents decide to terminate their relationship or marriage. It can be more overwhelming when one of the parents also decides to relocate to another country, which results in more complex matters as there will also be the Immigration aspect to consider.  Our specialist Immigration team work cautiously and promptly to make the whole process as smooth as possible for the relevant child and parent. Dependent children of PBS migrants can obtain leave to remain in the UK,...


  • Successful UK spouse visa extension upon appeal with costs recovered

    The client approached us after she had prepared and submitted her UK spouse visa extension application without legal representation. She had realised too late that her visa was expiring and rushed to put in an application in order to not become an overstayer. While she knew about the spouse visa extension  requirements she was meant to meet, including the one for English language, due to the shortness of time, she failed to sit the language exam and submitted her application without relevant evidence, hoping she would get it later. As at that time surrendering the passport with the application was...


  • Successful application for a dependant parent of a British citizen

    By Eylem Kara Our immigration team  was approached by our client’s daughter, who expressed her wish to sponsor her elderly mother to obtain leave to remain in the UK. Our client, a regular and law abiding UK visitor, was unable to return to her home Country at the end of her visit due to a deterioration in health. After conducting a detailed consultation, our immigration lawyers advised our client that we can submit an application on her behalf for leave to remain in the UK under compelling and compassionate circumstances as a dependant parent of her daughter settled in the UK, as...


  • Successful Appeal: Overstayer father granted leave

    By Eylem Kara Our Immigration team was approached by the client, after his application for leave to remain as parent of a child in the UK had been refused. The client had a convoluted immigration history and had relied on incorrect advice in the past leading to his relatively simple case becoming extremely complex. Background Our client moved to the UK as a family member of an EEA national 14 years ago. Before the expiry of his EEA family permit, he applied for a residence permit and was granted with further 5 years leave to remain. This was the first failure of immigration advice...


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