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  • Fathers rights: Successful child residence application

    Our family team is often approached by men seeking guidance on their rights as fathers. When it comes to child arrangements after a break-up, the myth still persists that fathers’ rights to have access to their children are somehow less important than that of the mother. This sort of mentality hurts not only the fathers, but also children, who often end up being stuck in the middle of warring adults. Our family solicitors specialising in child custody matters have recently successfully dealt with such a case. We represented a client in a complex child contact matter which eventually led to the...


  • Successful pre-settled status application under the EU settlement scheme for a victim of domestic violence

    With Covid-19 and the ultimate requirement to stay home, we have been coming across an increased number of domestic violence and abuse incidents. Many of our calls are now from clients who need assistance in solving their Immigration status in the UK, with a view of divorce and separation. People who live in the UK as dependant family members of their partner or spouse, under Appendix EU of the Immigration Rules, can divorce from their abusive partner and remain in the UK. Of course, like every other UK visa and leave to remain application, there are requirements which must be met...


  • Successful Child Arrangements Application – Father seeking a shared custody arrangement

    By Ashleigh Paige Yarde Following the breakdown of a family, there are a number of matters to address with care and it is always helpful to seek legal advice.  Our Head of Family Department, Rakhi Singal, was approached by a father seeking an equal shared care arrangement for his child, after separating from his partner. The client and his ex partner had previously reached an agreement to share care of their child. However, things took a left turn as can often be the case when attempting to effectively co-parent.  Despite the mother agreeing to facilitate contact in line with their arrangement, she...


  • Successful outcome for a homemaker wife in financial settlement

    Mr and Mrs Z were married for 9 years and had an 8 year old son. Mr Z was a successful businessman and had incorporated and was managing several companies. Our client, Mrs Z was shareholder in one of his businesses. The couple were paid dividends and a salary from the company for a number of years. From the onset of the relationship, it had been agreed that Mrs Z would not work and look after the parties son and home. Our client used to work for the Council prior to being married to Mr Z but had given up her...


  • Successful HNW divorce outcome

    Our client, Mr M, was a high net worth individual, who was married to his wife for over 30 years. The couple had two children from the marriage, who by the time of divorce had moved out and were settled in their own lives. Our client had been the primary earner for the family for the entire duration of the marriage. He had a brilliant professional career and successfully started and managed several businesses. He provided a lavish lifestyle for his family. The couple owned many properties within the UK and abroad. He also had numerous investments, including some with his...


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