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  • Successful Administrative Review Challenge to Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) extension

    Our team was approached by two clients, who were in the UK as a team of Tier 1 Entrepreneurs. The clients had applied for Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) extension within the legal time limits, but had received a refusal. They were seeking specialist advise on best options to resolve their immigration issue and continue living and working in the UK. After the initial assessment, the clients were invited for a consultation with one of our specialist immigration solicitors. This was decided on the basis that the case presented certain complexities, in particular with the view that the entire documentation submitted with the...


  • Successful Sponsor Licence application for a sole trader

    Our immigration lawyers were approached by a well-established Architectural practice that needed advice in respect of retaining a young graduate employee. The practice had hired him after significant search period for the position of Assistant Architect. However, his Tier 4 visa was expiring shortly and the client was understandably worried that they were going to lose a valuable employee. The client had a long history of providing Architectural services to high-end clients, having created a name for the practice that was at risk of being compromised due to skill shortage. Our team had a detailed discussion with the client to identify whether...


  • Successful Sponsorship Licence application for a well known fashion brand to hire creative workers

    Our Head of Immigration, Dr Lusine Navasardyan was approached by a well-known boutique fashion brand for advice in respect of retaining services of one of their designers. The employee was someone who held a Tier 5 (Youth Mobility) visa that was due to expire. She had worked for the Client for over a year and had shown indispensable skills in design and pattern creation. The Client was extremely keen to continue to employ her, given the importance of retaining talent in such a competitive industry as fashion. Having received the client’s instructions on their circumstances, Dr Navasardyan and her team assessed the...


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