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UK Adult Dependent Relative Visa
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UK Adult Dependent Relative Visa

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UK Adult Dependent Relative Visa Service

The UK Adult Dependent Relative Visa allows eligible adults to join their family members who are settled or have British citizenship in the United Kingdom. This visa category is specifically designed for adult dependants who rely on their family member for support due to age, illness, or disability.

Adult Dependent visas are notoriously difficult to get. Not only there are stringent requirements to be met, but the interpretation the Home office applies to the rules is intricate and often difficult to grasp, for those not familiar with their expectations. Moreover, applying for a UK Adult Dependent Visa can be a daunting and time-consuming process, requiring careful attention to detail and knowledge of the complex immigration rules.

How RVS Solicitors can help?

We understand how stressful dealing with an Adult Dependent visa can be, as ultimately, it is about family, ability to have peace of mind and sometimes even matter of life and death. For these reasons, we have put together an experienced team of immigration experts specialises in family-based immigration, who possesses in-depth knowledge of the UK immigration system.

The UK’s adult dependent visa application can only be made from oversees. If your elderly parent is currently in the UK on a temporary basis, such as a visit visa for instance, yet you believe they are unable to travel due to health concerns or any other serious reason, please give our Immigration Team a call to discuss your options.

Eligibility Criteria for UK Adult Dependent visa

There are stringent rules in respect of the eligibility for a UK Adult dependent visa.

You will need to prove that your parent or another adult dependent relative, due to age, illness or disability requires long term care and assistance with their day-to-day life. And that such care cannot be provided by external means, such as through hired help or care homes, or if available, it is not affordable. You will also need to prove that you can adequately house, maintain and care for your adult dependent relative.

Who is considered Adult Dependent Relative

An adult dependent relative, for the purposes of a UK Adult Dependent visa can be anyone above the age of 18, with whom you have a direct family relationship, this included parents, grandparents, sisters, brothers and adult children.

The Application Process

The application is an online one, therefore it can be prepared from anywhere. All evidence will also be submitted online. Your adult dependent will, however need to attend a visa centre to have their biometrics collected, after the application has been submitted. The application fee is payable at the time of submission and will not be refunded if the application is refused.

If successful, your dependent relative will receive a 5 year visa, leading to settlement.

Our Services:

Eligibility Assessment: As a first step, we will assess your eligibility for the UK Adult Dependent Visa and provide comprehensive guidance based on your individual circumstances. The Home Office fees for this visa are quite high and making applications that have little to no chance of success with lead to nothing, but wasting your emotional and financial resources. Our Immigration lawyers will carry out a careful analysis of your adult dependent’s circumstances to understand what their care needs are and how they are being met, whether it is sustainable or not etc.

Application Preparation: We will guide you through the entire application process. After the initial assessment is done, we will advise you on what document are needed to support the application. We will work with specialist doctors, psychologists and country experts where needed. The letter can be crucial for the success of your application.

Application Submission and Monitoring: We will also assist you in completion of the online application form and guide you with the submission of the form, as well as the appointment booking for biometrics. We will also prepare strong representations to be put before the Home Office, to explain your and your dependant’s circumstances and how they meet the requirements. We will put strong emphasis on you and your dependent relatives Article 8 rights, as these can be of a significant importance for such applications.

Moreover, we will be put as your representatives, so that should the Home Office require further information, we can act promptly to ensure that there are no delays in the matter.

Post-Approval Support: In the event that your application is successful, our services don’t end there. We can provide guidance on further steps.

Why Choose Us:

Expertise and Experience: Our team of immigration professionals has extensive experience in assisting clients with human rights based applications, including UK Adult Dependent Visa. Our numerous success stories speak for themselves, we have years of experience in helping our clients join their families in the UK, or bring over their dependent parents speaks o

Tailored Solutions: We understand that each individual’s circumstances are unique. This is in particular important for visa route that rely on human rights, compassionate and compelling circumstances, such as Adult Dependent Visa. Our experts will work closely with you to develop a personalised strategy, taking into account your specific situation and needs. This means we will not only know the facts of your matter and present it to the Home Office in the most favourable way possible, but we will also tailor our way of working with you, so that it suits you and your needs.

Efficiency and Timeliness: We prioritize the efficient processing of your application to avoid unnecessary delays. We have invested heavily in technologies, so that we do not have to spend time on administrative tasks that do nothing to benefit you, but inflate costs. This allows us not only to keep our costs relatively low, while providing you with the highest level of service, but it also ensure that we are able to handle the matter promptly, without unnecessary delays.

Peace of Mind: Applying for any visa can be a stressful experience. Adult Dependent Relative visa, being such a difficult one, can be several times more stress full. By choosing our services, you can have peace of mind knowing that our team is dedicated to your success. We handle the complexities of the process, allowing you to focus on other important aspects of your journey.

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