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At RVS Solicitors, we specialise in assisting private clients such as entrepreneurs, highly skilled workers, former civil servants, and political activists claim asylum in the UK.

Our team will listen to the details of your case in a sensitive and compassionate manner.

We will discuss your best options with you and keep you up to date with the progress of your case through our client portal. 

We understand the stress and strain you and your family may be experiencing whilst waiting for your asylum claim to be approved.

Therefore, we will assist you in every way possible and refer you onto third-party support if appropriate. 

The ability to claim asylum in another country is enshrined in international law.  The UK has signed up to all these laws and enacts them through its own legislation.

RVS Solicitors Are Experienced in Assisting Asylum Claims in the UK

Our Immigration Solicitors not only understand the complex laws surrounding asylum, but they also have the legal knowledge, determination, and skills required to move your case forward.

We fight hard to ensure the British government abides by its international legal commitments to protect those escaping persecution.

See our client testimonials. Learn about our team of skilled lawyers. Contact us today for help.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

What is asylum?

If you face persecution in your home country and you manage to leave, you have a right to claim asylum in another nation.  Note, this is a right to claim only, it does not automatically follow that your claim will be successful.

Asylum claims can be made under three different international conventions:

  • 1951 Geneva Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees – you will need to prove you have a well-founded fear of persecution due to your race, religion, nationality, political opinion or membership of a particular social group, and are unable or unwilling to seek protection from the authorities in your home State.
  • 1950 European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) – this is a human rights claim.
  • European Union Asylum Qualification Directive – this directive is part of a larger initiative to establish a Common European Asylum System.  It is designed to ensure all EU member states are identifying asylum seekers using the same criteria and those seeking protection are entitled to similar benefits in every member State.

How can I apply for asylum in the UK?

To apply for asylum, you must reach the UK (claims cannot be made outside the country).  It is vital that you claim asylum as soon as possible once you enter the country. Failure to do this could mean you will not be provided with accommodation or money to live on by the government.   Once you have made an asylum claim, you cannot be removed until a decision on your case has been made.

A caseworker will manage your claim for asylum.  You will need to attend an interview where you will explain how you were persecuted in your home country and why you are scared to return.

The asylum interview is a crucial part of the process.  Our immigration Solicitors can help you prepare for and attend an interview with you.

If your asylum claim is refused, our team will work tenaciously to challenge the decision.

To find out more about how we can assist you, please contact our London office on 020 3372 5125 or complete our online enquiry form to make an appointment.

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      What Our Clients
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      Dealing with Rakhi was more like having In house counsel than hiring a law firm
      So Rakhi Singal of RVS has just handled my divorce, it was a very complex case and I came to Rakhi at the very last minute on a friend’s recommendation. My case was a mess and I stood to lose everything.

      Dealing with Rakhi was more like having In-House counsel than hiring a law firm, she does not approach her clients as a cash machine like many law firms do, she works with you to manage and minimise your costs and de-escalate conflict rather than throw wood on the fire.

      She took a huge personal interest in my case, she was always available on the phone, very quick to respond to emails and is very honest and trustworthy.

      My ex had huge spending power and used a team of high profile solicitors against me, Rakhi literally saved me from complete ruin and helped me get a very fair deal with me spending 6 times less than my ex on legal fees.

      Thank you, my new family and I will be forever grateful!!!!
      What Our Clients
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      Rakhi’s passion for her profession supersedes the norm
      On dealing with a very stressful and emotional situation involving my young child. I was personally directed to Rakhi Singal. From the very outset of my situation, Rakhi identified the immediate difficulties I faced and offered me a sympathetic and rational approach to my situation, ensuring that she had a full understanding of my issues and concerns. Rakhi’s approach to my case was monumental and customary to my needs and that of my child, which was a fundamental point for me.

      The communication and support I received in and outside of court was nothing short of extraordinary. Rakhi’s passion for her profession supersedes the norm and is clearly demonstrated through her results.
      What Our Clients
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      Really impressed with Rakhi’s dedication to our case
      Could not be more pleased with the results!

      I approached RVS solicitors as they were highly recommended and now I completely understand why. Soon as I contacted Rakhi I knew I wanted to use her, she was so professional and easy to get along with. I was faced with clients who were refusing the pay invoices, Rakhi immediately reassured me that she was able to help me and recoup these costs. She dealt with the whole process very professionally.

      Really impressed with Rakhi’s dedication to our case and her knowledge and experience on dealing with the case. She communicated with us throughout the process, providing me with regular updates. Thank you so much, I cannot vouch for her work enough and RAW Invites are happy for you to continue to act for all their matters in the future.
      What Our Clients
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      Very detailed advice, friendly and approachable
      Excellent service for my wife's spousal visa from Lusine: very detailed advice, friendly and approachable. Also flexible in contact by email and provided an excellent cover letter.
      What Our Clients
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      She is professional, intelligent, hard worker and cheerful!
      I highly recommend Dr. Lusine Navasardyan, as she is professional, intelligent, hard worker and cheerful, she helped us from the beginning of our case until the very end, when she prepared a strong bundle with over 385 pages, which helped us get a successful victory in our Asylum case . I strongly recommend her as I really appreciate all the professional work that she has done . Many thanks to her.
      What Our Clients
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      She has been very professional and a reliable person
      Dr. Lusine has been working on my case. She has been very professional and a reliable person. She was always attending to my queries and she has always been very friendly throughout my case.
      What Our Clients
      Say About Us
      She is very professional while creating a friendly and comforting relationship with her clients
      I am very happy with the level and quality of service I got from Dr. Lusine Navasardyan. She is very professional while creating a friendly and comforting relationship with her clients. The service from Lusine was professional,efficient and well organised. Lusine worked extremely hard at resolving my all issues while getting the best result.