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Surrogacy and Adoption
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Surrogacy and Adoption

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Surrogacy and Adoption

Becoming a parent is a joyous occasion, filled with happiness and anticipation. In cases where adoption or surrogacy are considered things might not be so simple and the legal complexities can mar the occasion. It is therefore of utmost importance to have the right legal support when considering surrogacy and adoption. Our team of family solicitors experienced in handling surrogacy and adoption matters will be there to guide you on every step, if you have decided to embark on this important journey.

The support we offer for adoption and surrogacy matters include:


Surrogacy is a legal arrangement in which a woman carries and gives birth to a child for another individual or couple, known as the intended parents. It is a complex process that requires careful consideration of legal, emotional, and ethical factors. We assist intended parents in understanding their rights and obligations, drafting surrogacy agreements, and navigating the legal procedures involved in establishing parental rights. For international surrogacy, we work with our Immigration team, to ensure your baby can be home with you within the shortest period of time as possible and with minimal stress. Our goal is to ensure a smooth and legally secure surrogacy process that respects the rights and well-being of all parties involved, especially the child.

Surrogacy services at RVS Solicitors cover a range of situations, including:


Adoption is a legal process that establishes a permanent legal relationship between a child and adoptive parents who are not their biological parents. It provides a loving and stable home for children who may not be able to live with their birth parents for various reasons. Our dedicated family law solicitors understand the complexities and emotional sensitivities involved in adoption. We provide expert guidance and support to adoptive parents throughout the adoption process, including assessment, matching, placement, and finalisation of the adoption. We work closely with adoption agencies, local authorities, and relevant authorities to ensure compliance with adoption laws and regulations while prioritising the best interests of the child.

Adoption services at RVS Solicitors cover a range of situations, including:

RVS Solicitors – Your Trusted Surrogacy and Adoption Partners: At RVS Solicitors, we understand the significance of surrogacy and adoption in shaping families and changing lives. Our dedicated team of family law solicitors is committed to providing exceptional legal support and guidance throughout the surrogacy and adoption processes. Renowned for our professionalism and expertise in UK family law, we specialise in surrogacy and adoption cases, offering comprehensive and tailored services to meet the unique needs of our clients.

When you choose RVS Solicitors as your legal partners in surrogacy or adoption matters, you can expect:

Surrogacy Adoption
Surrogacy and Adoption Surrogacy and Adoption Surrogacy and Adoption Surrogacy and Adoption Surrogacy and Adoption Surrogacy and Adoption