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Dividing assets during divorce
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Dividing assets during divorce

Our goal is to help you gain a clear understanding of the various aspects involved in dividing assets during divorce, so you can make informed decisions and protect your interests.

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Navigating the complexities of divorce can be challenging, especially when it comes to dividing your assets. We understand that this process can be emotionally charged and overwhelming, and that's why we're here to provide you with guidance, support, and valuable resources.

Dividing assets during divorce

Rakhi Singal

Director & Head of Family Law

Our goal is to help you

We have seen on many occasions that the best agreements are made when both parties are as considerate as possible of each other’s needs. As members of Resolution, a group of 6,500 family solicitors nationwide, we believe that mediation and round-table negotiation provide the best long-lasting outcome for families. Achieving agreement on the division of financial assets following separation through peaceful methods means that both parties can, for the sake of the children, maintain a respectful ongoing relationship. The financial agreement is also more likely to remain in place and honoured over the long-term.

Here you will find a wealth of information, expert advice and practical tips in effectively managing this critical phase of your divorce. We provide wide range of services, including:

  1. Dividing family home and other real estate – one of the main concerns during the process of separation that most couples have is how the matrimonial home and any other real estate property they have together will be divided. Our expert family lawyers have many years of experience that allows them to come up with solutions even in the most complex cases.
  2. Splitting pensions during divorce – for many couples, in particular those that have spent a considerable amount of time together, there will be an added concern about splitting their respective pensions that they have accumulated over time. Our family team will provide you with the guidance and support you need to understand the intricacies of the process and achieve a fair and balanced outcome based on your circumstances.
  3. Non-Matrimonial property – if you are someone who had accumulated assets prior to your marriage, you probably will have many questions in respect of what happens to those assets if you divorce and how to protect these assets. We will work with you to carefully consider all your assets and identify those that were non-matrimonial property. You can rely on the guidance of our top divorce lawyers for understanding the right status of each asset and how to best protect it.
  4. Company and business equity during divorce – dividing your property after separation is not easy at the best of times, however when there is also a business that has been started during your marriage, things can become even more difficult. You can rely on our experience and know-how, to find the right formula in respect of your company and business equity.
  5. Dividing liabilities during divorce – another important aspect to consider when in the process of divorce, is how the liabilities of the couple would be divided. Our expert advice has proven a valuable asset to many of our clients who had significant assets and liabilities.
  6. Intellectual property during divorce – rights over intellectual property can be a very sensitive topic during divorce proceedings. It is also quite often an overlooked topic, leading to lengthy battles at a later stage. Our services in this respect are tailored to achieve sustainable and as simple a solution as possible.
Family Home and Other Real Estate Pensions and Divorce Intellectual Property Rights and Divorce Company and other Business Equity Non-Matrimonial property and Assets
Dividing assets during divorce Dividing assets during divorce Dividing assets during divorce Dividing assets during divorce Dividing assets during divorce Dividing assets during divorce