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The news has been awash with high-profile ongoing divorce battles over recent months.  One factor which unifies all of them is just how toxic and hostile they can become.  The harsh reality is, the longer family law proceedings continue, and the more entrenched positions become, the greater the overall cost – to finances and health.

But is there a better way?  After all, what is the point of fighting for marital assets, only to lose them to fund the legal action taken to win them?

Solicitors who belong to Resolution have a framework to avoid such a situation occurring.

Who are Resolution?

Resolution encompasses 6,500 family Solicitors and other law professionals who adopt a non-confrontational approach to helping families resolve legal disputes.  The Resolution organisation provide resources, training and accreditation to these practitioners, ensuring each is empowered with the latest knowledge and skills to achieve the best results for their clients.  A centre tenet of Resolution’s approach is that the needs of both parties and those of the children are considered.

The Resolution Code of Practice

All Resolution members follow a Code of Conduct which defines how they will work with clients – this ensures that no matter which member you choose, each will act in accordance with the principles, including to:

  • Minimise conflict and confrontation.
  • Put the needs of children front and centre.
  • Act with honesty, integrity and objectivity.
  • Help clients understand the long-term financial and emotional consequences of their decisions.
  • Always respect and not judge clients’ opinions and wishes
  • Help clients understand their options

In which situations can Resolution principles assist?

Resolution assist families with a range of matters including:

  • Divorce: Resolution members can offer specialist guidance relating to arrangements for children, financial settlements, and living arrangements (e.g. what options there are for the family home)
  • Co-habiting: Members can help guide you through all the legal considerations you need to make when living together. Couples in co-habiting arrangements do not have the same legal and financial protections as those who are married or in civil partnerships.  We will explain your options and help you draft and agree on a Cohabitation Agreement to protect your interests.
  • Parenting after separation: If you have separated from your partner with whom you had children, we understand the emotions and practical implications this can bring, for all concerned. Resolution members are trained and experienced in how to help parents overcome difficulties in such situations.  They help them work towards a more co-operative arrangement for the future – for the good of all concerned, including children, parents, and grandparents.
  • Domestic abuse: Resolution members are here to assist when you need it the most. For anyone suffering any level of domestic abuse, or other forms such as female genital mutilation and honour-based violence, we can assist you today.  If you are in any immediate danger, please contact 999 for the police or you can reach Refuge 24 hours a day on 0808 2000 247 or email helpline@refuge.org.uk.

Protecting the long-term interests of your children

Most parents are acutely aware of the traumatic impact of family discord on their children.  The government is currently consulting on potential changes to introduce ‘no-fault’ divorces, in large part due to the acknowledgement that apportioning blame during the divorce process can lead to acrimony, and as a result harm the mental health of children.

While removing blame will undoubtedly reduce the toxic acrimony seen in many divorces, this will not necessarily insulate children from the overall impact of such a family change.  It is important to remember Children suffer for many reasons, whether hearing and seeing their parents arguing, living between different homes, the introduction of new spouses and their families, or having to move schools.

Regardless of the outcome of the government consultation on no-fault divorce, those experiencing a family dispute will benefit considerably from working with a Resolution practitioner.  Not only will the children involved avoid the immediate and long-term turmoil, but both parties will also be able to find an amicable and fair solution which has the best chance of succeeding in the long-term.  Additionally, because the aim of Resolution members is to resolve family disputes quickly, with minimum correspondence between Solicitors and allowing parties to reach agreement between themselves, peacefully and respectfully, any costs associated with the process will be kept to a minimum, reducing financial pressure.

Contact our Family Law Solicitors in London

It can be difficult to know who to trust when you are the most vulnerable.  By seeking a Solicitor who is a member of Resolution, you can relax in the knowledge that they will help you protect the best interests and those of your children in a non-acrimonious manner.  The methods which Resolution use are highly effective, and regardless of the complexity or stage of your matter.  And should robust decision need to be made, you can be assured a Resolution member will act quickly and decisively and is always on your side.

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      Dealing with Rakhi was more like having In house counsel than hiring a law firm
      So Rakhi Singal of RVS has just handled my divorce, it was a very complex case and I came to Rakhi at the very last minute on a friend’s recommendation. My case was a mess and I stood to lose everything.

      Dealing with Rakhi was more like having In-House counsel than hiring a law firm, she does not approach her clients as a cash machine like many law firms do, she works with you to manage and minimise your costs and de-escalate conflict rather than throw wood on the fire.

      She took a huge personal interest in my case, she was always available on the phone, very quick to respond to emails and is very honest and trustworthy.

      My ex had huge spending power and used a team of high profile solicitors against me, Rakhi literally saved me from complete ruin and helped me get a very fair deal with me spending 6 times less than my ex on legal fees.

      Thank you, my new family and I will be forever grateful!!!!
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      Rakhi’s passion for her profession supersedes the norm
      On dealing with a very stressful and emotional situation involving my young child. I was personally directed to Rakhi Singal. From the very outset of my situation, Rakhi identified the immediate difficulties I faced and offered me a sympathetic and rational approach to my situation, ensuring that she had a full understanding of my issues and concerns. Rakhi’s approach to my case was monumental and customary to my needs and that of my child, which was a fundamental point for me.

      The communication and support I received in and outside of court was nothing short of extraordinary. Rakhi’s passion for her profession supersedes the norm and is clearly demonstrated through her results.
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      Really impressed with Rakhi’s dedication to our case
      Could not be more pleased with the results!

      I approached RVS solicitors as they were highly recommended and now I completely understand why. Soon as I contacted Rakhi I knew I wanted to use her, she was so professional and easy to get along with. I was faced with clients who were refusing the pay invoices, Rakhi immediately reassured me that she was able to help me and recoup these costs. She dealt with the whole process very professionally.

      Really impressed with Rakhi’s dedication to our case and her knowledge and experience on dealing with the case. She communicated with us throughout the process, providing me with regular updates. Thank you so much, I cannot vouch for her work enough and RAW Invites are happy for you to continue to act for all their matters in the future.
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      Very detailed advice, friendly and approachable
      Excellent service for my wife's spousal visa from Lusine: very detailed advice, friendly and approachable. Also flexible in contact by email and provided an excellent cover letter.
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      She is professional, intelligent, hard worker and cheerful!
      I highly recommend Dr. Lusine Navasardyan, as she is professional, intelligent, hard worker and cheerful, she helped us from the beginning of our case until the very end, when she prepared a strong bundle with over 385 pages, which helped us get a successful victory in our Asylum case . I strongly recommend her as I really appreciate all the professional work that she has done . Many thanks to her.
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      She has been very professional and a reliable person
      Dr. Lusine has been working on my case. She has been very professional and a reliable person. She was always attending to my queries and she has always been very friendly throughout my case.
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      She is very professional while creating a friendly and comforting relationship with her clients
      I am very happy with the level and quality of service I got from Dr. Lusine Navasardyan. She is very professional while creating a friendly and comforting relationship with her clients. The service from Lusine was professional,efficient and well organised. Lusine worked extremely hard at resolving my all issues while getting the best result.