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Changes to shortage occupation list. What it means for your hiring goals?

by in Sponsorship License and Tier 2/Tier5

Many businesses have been understandably concerned with their ability to meet their staffing requirements after Brexit, as many sectors are currently highly reliant on workers from EEA. This is particularly the case for those who operate in the research, technology, finance, architectural and engineering sectors. The Home Office has long promised to address these issues […]

Is The UK Government Planning To Introduce An Australian Points-Based-System?

by in Immigration, Sponsorship License and Tier 2/Tier5

For many years, the British government, first under Teresa May, and now Boris Johnson, have advocated adopting an Australian style points-based system (PBS) for immigration.  But how would such a system differ from the UK’s existing PBS, and what are the chances of it being introduced? Australia is known as having some of the toughest […]

Sponsorship Licence and anxieties that come with it

by in Immigration, Sponsorship License and Tier 2/Tier5

I jumped on call to the client the other day to congratulate them on securing sponsorship licence and go through the general compliance issues with them as a newly minted sponsor. They are a young, ambitious start-up, developing a ground-breaking technology in medical diagnosis area. After thanking me and the team for the work we […]