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Sponsorship Licence and anxieties that come with it

by in Immigration, Sponsorship License and Tier 2/Tier5

I jumped on call to the client the other day to congratulate them on securing sponsorship licence and go through the general compliance issues with them as a newly minted sponsor. They are a young, ambitious start-up, developing a ground-breaking technology in medical diagnosis area. After thanking me and the team for the work we […]

Love Don’t Live Here Anymore: Can I relocate to the EU with my children following a divorce?

by in Child arrangements, Family Law

Theresa May has suffered yet another crushing defeat in the House of Commons by 303 votes to 258 after seeking MPs’ backing for her approach to renegotiating her withdrawal agreement with the EU after the House of Commons emphatically rejected it last month.  This latest fiasco paints a sorry picture for the United Kingdom.  The […]

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