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Adopting a child is an enormous decision.  Prospective parents need all the support they can muster. 

Our family law solicitors will provide you with the information and guidance you need to ensure the adoption process runs smoothly.

RVS Solicitors Can Help You to Adopt a Child

Led by Rakhi Singal, the family law team at RVS Solicitors is dedicated to providing a unique service that blends modern legal advice with exceptional client care and personal service.

Our office is paperless, and we pride ourselves on being accessible, responsive, and positive in our dealings with every client, regardless of the size of their matter.

A lot of concern related to the adoption process comes from the unknown.

We take that away, ensuring you are fully informed, and all the legal matters are taken care of efficiently, leaving you free to enjoy your new family.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

What is adoption?

Adoption is the legal process in which a child who you are not the biological parent of becomes part of your family.  The process involves the adoptee/s gaining Parental Responsibility for the child and any legal ties to the child’s biological parents being severed.

A child may be adopted for many reasons, including:

  • they have been placed in care
  • the mother does not feel she can look after her baby, therefore, chooses to put it up for adoption shortly after birth
  • the parents are unable to care for the child; therefore, family members apply to adopt them

Whatever the reason you choose to adopt a child, we can advise and support you.

How do I find an adoption agency?

You can adopt a child through a local authority or a voluntary organisation.  Given it is such an important decision, you should visit a few before deciding who you want to work with.  The Adoption UK website has a list of adoption agencies and is a good place to start your search.

What are the stages of the adoption process? lists four stages in the adoption process, with stage one being divided into two.

Pre-stage one – Exploration

If you are considering adopting a child, it is imperative to read as much information as possible from those who have adopted before and on the process itself.  Adoption agencies can provide invaluable information on the process. This is also the stage where you select an agency to work with.

Stage one – initial checks and registration

This stage takes around two months to complete.  Once you choose an agency, you will need to complete a Registration of Interest.  You will normally be offered an informal meeting with a social worker before doing this.  You will also need to agree to a Prospective Adopter Plan, which sets out you and the agency’s duties and responsibilities.

The Application of Interest will ask for details about you and your family, including aspects such as your income, occupation, support network, and health.

You will also be required to provide around three referees and three written references.

A DBS check will be carried out, and a medical report requested from your GP.

You will also be invited to attend preparation groups with other potential adopters where information about the process and the special skills needed when adopting a child will be outlined.

A decision will then be made regarding whether your application can proceed to stage two.

Stage two – assessment, training, and approval

This process takes around four months, and at the end, a decision will be made on whether you are suitable to become an adopter.  This stage involves a ‘home study’. A social worker will spend time with you, your other children and friends and family to learn more about you.

The information obtained during stage two will go to an Adoption Panel who will review the findings and make a recommendation to the agency on whether you are suitable.  The agency’s decision-maker will then make the final ruling on whether you can adopt a child.

Stage three – matching you with the right child

If you are approved, the agency will work with the local authority to find a child who is right for you.  At present, most adopters and children are matched within 6-12 months.

Stage four – moving in

Once you and your child have been matched, social workers will support you in spending time with them so you can both get to know each other.  This will include short stays at your home before eventually, the move becomes permanent. After the child moves in, you can apply to the Court to legally adopt him or her.

Can you help me adopt a child from overseas?

Inter-country adoptions are strictly regulated and involve complying with laws in the UK and the child’s home country.  There are also immigration matters which must be managed to ensure the child can legally enter the UK and become a British Citizen.

We have an extensive immigration law department which makes us ideally placed to assist you with inter-country adoption.  Our teams will work together to ensure the process runs smoothly and the welfare of the child remains a priority at all times.

To find out how we can advise and represent you on adoption matters, please contact our London office on  020 3372 5125 or complete our online enquiry form to make an appointment.

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