Sponsor Licence Refusals

The work that goes into obtaining a Tier 2 or 5 Sponsor Licence is considerable; therefore, it is extremely frustrating to find that your application has been refused.  If this has happened to you, contact us straight away. We will carefully examine why your application was refused and build a strategy to assist you with the next steps. 

As businesspeople ourselves, we understand that you need to resolve your Sponsor Licence refusal as quickly as possible.  Thanks to years of experience in immigration law, our team, led by Dr Lusine Navasardyan can move quickly to advise you of your options.  Not only will we advise you on having the Sponsor Licence refusal reversed, our team will support you throughout the life of your licence and help you maintain compliance.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Can I submit a new Sponsor Licence application?

If your Sponsor Licence application was refused because of an error made by the caseworker considering it or supporting evidence was not properly considered, you can request that the Home Office reconsider their decision and correct their mistake.

You need to ask the Home Office to correct their errors within 14 days of receiving your refusal.  They will not consider any new evidence which was not included in the original application.

Our team can quickly spot errors made by immigration caseworkers, who often have no business experience.  We can quickly highlight the mistake/s and request the Home Office to reconsider the decision.

If your application was refused for another reason, for example, your HR systems were not good enough to meet ongoing Sponsor Licence compliance requirements, you will not be refunded your fee.  In addition, you will be unable to apply for a Sponsor Licence for six months. This may be extended to 12 months if the reasons for your refusal were serious.

Can I apply for Judicial Review if my application for a Sponsor Licence is refused?

Following an examination of your refusal, it may come to light that the Home Office acted unlawfully or unreasonably in refusing your Sponsor Licence.  If this is the case, we can advise and represent you in applying for a Judicial Review of the decision.

Judicial Review is a process whereby the Courts examine the legality of a public body’s decision.  There is no automatic right to Judicial Review, an application must be made to the Court.

Our immigration lawyers are highly experienced in managing Judicial Reviews for Sponsor Licence refusals.  We will take the time to carefully examine your application process and build a strong case for having an application for Judicial Review approved.

To find out how we can advise and represent you if your Sponsor Licence application has been refused, please call us on 020 3372 5125 to make an appointment.

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