Fee Structure

RVS Solicitors is committed to providing the best client service and professional advice while keeping our fees reasonable and affordable. We use modern technology to cut unnecessary costs and make specialist immigration advice affordable to a larger public. To keep the costs for legal cost transparent, we offer fixed fee arrangements wherever possible. Fees quoted below are only applicable to cases with no particular legal complexities and are based on one main applicant. For exact cost of your particular matter or for fees relating to services not listed below please contact us.

Please note, that where fixed fee has been agreed, no refund will be issued in case of withdrawing your instructions.

British Nationality applications

Work visas
Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) -entry clearance£3500
Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) -switching in country£3500
Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) – extension£3500
Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) -ILR (non-accelerated)£3500
Dependents of Tier 1 (Entrepreneur)£800
Tier 1 (Exceptional Talent)- entry clearance£2000
Tier 1 (Exceptional Talent)- Switching in country£2000
Tier 1 (Exceptional Talent)- Extension£1200
Tier 1 (Exceptional Talent)-ILR£1200
Dependents of Tier 1 (Exceptional Talent)£800
Tier 1 (Graduate Entrepreneur)£2000
Dependents of Tier 1 (Graduate entrepreneur)£800
Tier 1 (Investor) – entry clearance£4000
Tier 1 (Investor) – Switching in country£4000
Tier 1 (Investor) – extension  £4000
Tier 1 (Investor)- ILR£4000
Tier 2 General Migrant – Entry Clearance£1000
Tier 2 General – Switching£1000
Tier 2 General- Extension£1000
Tier 2 General -ILR£1000
Dependants of Tier 2 General Migrant£700
Tier 2 Minister of Religion – Entry Clearance£1200
Tier 2 Minister of Religion – Switching in country£1200
Tier 2 Minister of Religion – Extension£1200
Tier 2 Minister of Religion – ILR£1200
Dependants of Tier 2 Minister of Religion£700
Tier 2 Sportsperson – Entry Clearance£1500
Tier 2 Sportsperson – Switching£1500
Tier 2 Sportsperson- Extension£1500
Tier 2 Sportsperson – ILR£1000
Dependants of Tier 2 Sportsperson£700
Tier 2 ICT – Entry Clearance£1000
Tier 2 ICT- Switching in country£1000
Tier 2 ICT -Extension£1000
Tier 2 ICT – ILR£1000
Dependants of Tier 2 ICT Migrant£700
Tier 5 Charity Worker – Entry Clearance£1200
Tier 5 Charity Workers-Extension£1200
Dependants of Tier 5 Charity Worker£700
Tier 5 Creative & Sporting – Entry Clearance£1200
Tier 5 Creative & Sporting – Switching in-country£1200
Tier 5 Creative & Sporting – Extension£1200
Dependants of Tier 5 Creative & Sporting£700
Tier 5 Religious Worker – Entry Clearance£1200
Tier 5 Religious Workers -Extension£1200
Tier 5 Government Authorised Exchange – Switching in-country£1000
Tier 5 Government Authorised Exchange- Extension£1000
Tier 5 Youth Mobility Scheme – Entry Clearance£1000
Tier 5 International Agreement – Entry Clearance£1000
Tier 5 International Agreement -Extension£1000
Tier 5 International Agreement – ILR£1000
Domestic Worker- Entry Clearance£1000
Domestic Worker- Extension£1000
Domestic Worker- ILR£800
Sole Representative of Overseas Business – Entry Clearance£3000
Sole Representative – Extension£2000
Sole Representative – ILR£2000
Dependants of Sole Representative£800
UK Ancestry- Entry Clearance£1200
UK Ancestry- Extension£1000
UK Ancestry-ILR£1000
Dependants of UK Ancestry Visa£800
Student visas 
Tier 4 General Students -Entry Clearance£800
Tier 4 General – Switching in-country£800
Tier 4 General – Extension£800
Parent of a Tier 4(child)£1000
Family visas 
Spouse/Partner – Entry Clearance£1500
Spouse/Partner – Switching in-country£1500
Spouse/Partner – extension£1500
Spouse/Partner -ILR£1500
Victim of Domestic Violence£1500
Bereaved Partner -ILR£1500
EEA applications  
EEA Family Member – Entry (Family Permit)£1000
EEA Family Member – Residence Permit£1000
EEA Family Member – Retained rights£1000
EEA Family Member – Derivative rights£1200
Extended Family Member of An EEA National£1500
Registration Certificate as An EEA National£800
EEA National – PR£1000 
Registration as British Citizen (all routes)£1200
Registration as British Citizens for child of settled person£1000
Naturalisation application£1000
Asylum & Humanitarian Protection 
Asylum/Humanitarian protection Claim£3000
Family reunion£1500
Refugee ILR£1500
Other applications 
10 Years Long Residence -ILR£1500
Human rights and Private life applications£1800
Visitor visa£800
Visitor visa (Prospective Entrepreneur)£1200
Administrative Review£700
Appeal – Lodging£600
Appeal – Hearing preparation£1500
Judicial Review – application for permission£1500
Judicial Review -Emergency Injunction£3000

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