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Immigration and Family Law services we offer

Our solicitors in Covent Garden provide a wide range of specialist legal services for individuals and businesses across London, offering an efficient, modern approach with a personal touch.

Family law

Our family law solicitors in Covent Garden offer expert guidance for issues including divorce and relationship breakdown, cohabitation and legal issues involving pets. Rakhi Singal and her team of best Family Lawyers in London can assist you with all your family law needs.


Our West End divorce lawyers offer practical, professional and empathetic legal support for navigating the end of a relationship, including initiating and responding to divorce proceedings, making financial settlements and sorting out arrangements for children.
We have particular expertise with high net worth divorce and international divorce, including dealing with hidden assets, cross-jurisdiction issues and other complex matters.

Judicial Separation

Where divorce is not an option, we can assist you with a judicial separation, allowing you to bring your marital obligations to an end and live separate lives, while still remaining legally married.
We can help you reach an agreement over all the practical issues involved in your separation, including making a financial agreement and arrangements for children.

Cohabitation Agreements

With an increasing number of couples choosing to live together without getting married, it is important to ensure you have a clear agreement over what will happen if you separate. We can help you to negotiate, draft and review a cohabitation agreement that protects both parties, giving you complete peace of mind.

Child Arrangements

End of marriage does not have to mean broken families for children. Our expert child solicitors can assist you in finding the best custody arrangement for your children that will work for years to come.

Pet Law

What happens to a family pet is often a significant source of tension during divorce and relationship breakdown. We have significant experience advising people on these matters, so can help you find a positive outcome that works for you and your pet.

Immigration and visa

Our top UK immigration lawyers can assist you with a wide range of immigration and visa issues. Whether you are looking to relocate to the UK for work, study or join your family, or simply looking to get a UK visit visa, our visa advisors are able to help.

Sponsor Licence and Global Business Mobility

Following Brexit and COVID19 pandemic the labour market has changed beyond recognition. Now, it is more than ever important to have access to the international pool of talent. Dr Lusine Navasardyan and her team of best UK immigration and visa lawyers are able to guide your business in securing Sponsorship Licence, maintaining it and processing the relevant visas for your employees.

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