Our Vision

Our Vision

RVS Solicitors are experts in Family Law, Civil Litigation, Landlord and tenant and Corporate & Business Immigration Matters.

The Team are highly recommended by others within the profession as well as previous and existing corporate and private clients. RVS Solicitors are known for their professionalism whilst dealing with any matter using a step by step approach that is suited to each client while keeping costs minimal.

RVS Solicitors provide clients with the option for legal advice across various digital platforms as well as traditional in person consultations. RVS Solicitors provide both individuals and companies with easily accessible and simple to understand quality legal advice. The advice will be accessible anywhere for the client, whether they are sat across a desk from us, at home across the country or their own office. We have facilities for video conferencing and paperless correspondence. Each client is given their own client portal to access their documents and be kept up to date with their case whenever and wherever they are. Furthermore the portal allows clients to send messages directly to their instructed solicitors which is more economical and keeps our clients fees down. RVS has reinvented the clients journey and experience in seeking legal advice.

RVS Solicitors measure success on the success of our clients, who are the heart of the firm. We recognise each client as an individual with a unique issue, our team is experienced and trained in providing a tailored approach to each client keeping their best interest at heart of every decision and direction.

RVS Solicitors unique approach to client care is what sets us apart. We will ensure each client has access to case notes, current status, pressing issues on their own secure portal. It is our belief the client will feel empowered to make informed decisions with all this at their fingertips regardless of their location. RVS Solicitors modern approach to client care is where the benefit for our clients truly lie, when in person meetings are not an option, digitally making use VOIP services for conferences or just a catch up, electronic correspondents and documents accessible via a secure portal and screen sharing for accurate guidance.

Using these methods the client is able to interact with RVS Solicitors in person, from the comfort of their home, at their place of work or at a coffee shop, this means minimal disturbance to the clients personal schedule.

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