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Care and support you can count on

We are a niche, multi-disciplinary law practice that embodies everything clients want and need from a legal professional in the modern era.  As the very antithesis of a large, traditional law firm, we put the care and needs of our clients front and centre.  We ensure we are available and able to provide the absolute best in legal guidance, ensuring you and your family receive the support you require.

Multiple disciplines, one solicitor

We specialise in immigration, family, civil litigation, and landlord & tenant law. We can handle various aspects of your legal needs; while you only deal directly with one of our senior solicitors.

Efficiency through innovation

Our legal practice is at the cutting edge of legal technology.  Where possible, we do not use paper, and our systems mean we can process your matter with the utmost efficiency, ensuring you are always kept up to date and costs are kept manageable.

Why RVS Solicitors?

We provide passion and expertise in law with an ethical and caring approach to our clients. You will know your legal costs upfront, and we will always be completely transparent.  Our approach is always tailored to you – there is no generic template to how we engage our clients.  If you want us to take over your matter completely, we will.  If you would like to be closely involved with your matter, we will do this too.

The team at RVS Solicitors love what they do.  Because we all share a desire to care for our clients while providing the most powerful legal representation, we have a strong sense we are doing what law should be about – providing justice and support for those who need it the most.

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The Home Office has revised its Tier 2 and 5 Guidance for Sponsors, with changes targeting the behaviour of sponsors.
The Home Office will now be able to revoke or refuse the sponsorship licence of sponsors whose actions and behaviour are non-conducive to the public good.

The #HomeOffice has ruined countless lives by refusing #ILR under #paragraph322(5) of the #immigraitonrules. Find out how to successfully challenge such a decision. #immigrationlaw #immigrationsolicitor #immigrationlawyer https://t.co/7Jp4ytzQqz

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10th May 2019
Divorce – Blame Game To End

After decades of lobbying from the Law Commission, the Bar Council, Resolution, senior family law ju...

Our Services

Family Law

From Divorce to Mediation our experienced team can assist you with all forms of Family Solitior Matters

Immigration Solicitors

At RVS Solicitors our Immigration team are able to provide a wide variety of services for both individuals and business.

Landlord & Tenants

Our landlord and tenants solicitors are highly experienced in dealing with both complex and highly litigious cases

Civil Litigation

At RVS our civil litigation solicitors provides the highest quality service to both individuals and organisations.


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